For more than a decade, Wayne Elsey has focused on making a humanitarian impact with his work with non-profit organizations and has helped lead the conversation about social good in both the for-profit and philanthropic sectors. Wayne is a serial entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of Elsey Enterprises, which encompasses three social enterprises, including Funds2Orgs, which is the largest shoe drive fundraising company in North America as well as several independent strategic, marketing and logistics brands, which are included in its portfolio. As a leader, Wayne is never satisfied and lives by his ethos of going from “surviving to thriving,” and enjoys the opportunities he’s afforded to help others do the same in their work, and also in their own lives.


Wayne Elsey’s Portfolio of Brands

Raise funds for your organization with a shoe drive fundraiser
Wayne Elsey, Keynote speaker and community engagement leader
SocialGoodU is an education forum for nonprofit organizations and social enterprise
Find out how mud runs and athletic teams can fundraise with athletic shoes
Wayne Elsey, creating a meaningful and measurable societal impact
Elsey Enterprises specializes in creative design, technology integration, and strategic marketing solutions